BODØ, NORWAY - After another successful concert at the Nordland Musikkfestuke for their highly reviewed Expensive Jacket Tour, the YLVIS Fan Club caught up with Ylvis and company to ask some of the burning questions fans have been eager to know.

Special thanks to Mari Hanssen for interviewing Bård Ylvisåker, Vegard Ylvisåker, Bjarte Ylvisåker, and Manager Jørgen Thue on behalf of YFC.

Is there anything you would like to say to your fans?

VEGARD: We have to say that’s the main reason why we are allowed to do what we do, so we appreciate them all-

BÅRD: Slash love.

VEGARD: Slash love them from the deep of our heart. Which isn’t a very deep [heart], but it’s a nice heart.

BÅRD: It’s there.

VEGARD: It’s there.

Do you know when we can expect a Spektrum DVD?

BÅRD: No. It is now in negotiations in the worldwide show business meetings. Hopefully as soon as possible. We promise it will happen sometime in the future. It is a boring answer, but we don’t really know.

VEGARD: Because we are not good with business. And this is business, [whispers] business.

JØRGEN: It will come.
BÅRD: It will come.

[Aircraft in background]

VEGARD: Oh listen to this! This is a F-16 Fighting Falcon.

[Aircraft sound]

VEGARD: Ahhhhhh

BJARTE: [makes jet noise]

Can you give more information regarding the Foreign Fan section of I Kveld Med Ylvis Live? Why do you have foreign seats?

BÅRD: Well we want to know where they are. You might think that we’re racist and that we don’t like foreigners. That’s only partly true. We just want to know where they are geographically in the audience, so if we have like Norwegian artifacts [starts to laugh] that we want to show [Bjarte laughs in background] we can show it to them-

VEGARD: Ham and cheese slicer!

BÅRD: Like we have the brown cheese, or cheese slicers-

VEGARD: Cheese things.

BÅRD: It would be stupid to show it to people from Norway. So it’s more like-

VEGARD: It’s a practical thing.

BÅRD: Practical stuff.

BJARTE: Is it mostly cheese related?

VEGARD: But it’s not allowed to buy them if you are not a-
BÅRD: Foreigner.

VEGARD: Foreign citizen.

Can we expect another UNICEF special?

BÅRD: We love UNICEF specials and we will try to make it happen this year as well, but we don’t know for sure. TV industry is very- everything happens so quickly. Its decided one week and it happens the next week, so hopefully. We love the UNICEF and we LOVE what the fans are doing for UNICEF!

MARI: They have been donating like crazy.

BÅRD: I know, they have and we really appreciate it, and we’re proud that something we do can lead to donations. Very proud. Thank you.

MARI: How about Halloween Special?

BÅRD: Well we don’t even know if the dates we are airing will be on a Halloween, and we are not particularly fond of doing stuff over and over again. So we have done a Halloween Special, now we should try probably to do some other kind of special.

VEGARD: As a token of courtesy… we should ask Bjarte some questions about his life as well.


BJARTE: Yeah, what do you want to know?

MARI: I want to know, have you started working out?

ALL THREE BROTHERS: Oh my God, oh my God! [Lots of laughter]

MARI: People have noticed-

BJARTE: Oh my GOD! [Hugs Mari]

MARI: They have noticed you’ve lost weight, congratulations.

BJARTE: Woo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


BJARTE: Yes, I have.

MARI: You’ve got a lot of fans, did you know that?


MARI [to Bjarte]: You want to say something to your fans?

BJARTE: Hello. Thank you for-

BÅRD [in background]: Being my fans.

BJARTE: Being my fans. It’s, uh, appreciated. Thank you.

Photo: ©Tommy Angelsen

Photo: ©Magdalena Darowska


August 2014

Bjarte Ylvisåker, Bård Ylvisåker, Mari Hanssen, and Vegard Ylvisåker (Photo: Jørgen Thue)

Photo: ©TVNorge

Photo: ©Bjørn Erik Olsen

Photo: ©TVNorge

Ylvis YFC Q&A Interview - August 2014
By: YLVIS Fan Club

Published: August 6, 2014

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